HOW TO: make a $20 rearskirt

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HOW TO: make a $20 rearskirt

Post by MrGrey » Fri Jul 19, 2013 5:21 pm

I wanted a rear skirt but didn't feel like paying $200 for an OEM one so I thought I would make my own.

Materials required:
- 1.5m of 25mm black PVC piping
- caps that fit the pipe (I used 20mm buteline plumbing fittings)
- bolts at least 42mm long (I used 50mm long and had to shorten a few with a hacksaw)
- washers and nyloc nuts for the bolts.
- rivets if you want to affix the caps in place
- black paint if you want to repaint the buteline caps

Time required:
-just over an hour from start to finish (I wasn't rushing)

The basic materials:

This is the smaller bit for the drivers side between the exhaust and the rear mudguard. You will notice that I gave the caps a squirt of black paint and drill/riveted them in place so they won't fall out (the rivets are facing the inside when mounted so you don't see them)

This shows the main part 75% bolted on. I simply drilled through the 15mm bottom lip under the OEM bumper. For the final curve I gave the pipe a warm up with a heat gun to make bending it to shape a little easier.

And this shows the finished product in relation to the rest of the car. It is a bit smaller than an OEM one but looks pretty good considering its 1/10th the price.

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