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Fletcher Blades

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Post by Fletcher Blades » Sat Nov 24, 2001 2:04 am

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Yep... the weather at the track day was atrocious...

Great learning opportunities in the emergency braking and slalom =
exercises in the morning...

But in the "free" laps... I didnt feel inclined to do more than 130-140 =
on the back straight. (normally 170+) If I was on the motorway in the =
same conditions I'd be doing 80-90...


Joanne Hall

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Post by Joanne Hall » Wed Nov 28, 2001 9:15 am

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Subject: (From message) - good news!
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I'm pleased to report that I now have a new warrant (with the original springs).

I met with the manager of the testing station, who informed me that the tester that
inspected my car, had failed another car the same day with lowered suspension and
the owner of that car had also queried the decision after seeking specialist advice.
Whilst we were discussing the situation, another tester inspected my car again,
and came to the conclusion that the springs were fine! Apparently the original inspector
will now be reminded of the appropriate "degree of tolerance" when looking at vehicles
with lowered suspension! I'm now writing a very enthuasiastic "thank you" letter
to the people at Pedders who advised me to challenge the testing station's findings
in the first place. I'm very grateful to them for passing up the opportunity to
make a $700 + sale and giving me some good honest advice instead!

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Thanks Fletch (and Matt) for the advice. FYI the car was bought privately 3 1/2 years
ago, so can't really progress the legal side of things (but Fletch I will bear you
in mind next time I need legal advice!!)

However can you let us know how you knew the springs were too short, and what size
they should be?? Went to a suspension specialist to find out prices etc for new
springs ($665 plus GST incl fitting - aaaaaarrgghh), got them to look at the car
and they said that springs were fine and that they should not have failed the warrant...

Have an appointment with the manager of the Testing Station today to discuss this
situation - they have passed the springs four times previously so I am utterly confused
as to where to go from here!


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