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Need, more, 5-ing, time....
Need, more, 5-ing, time....
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Post by Grant » Thu Jan 22, 2004 7:53 pm

Just a quick report . I had a set of adjustable Konis installed on my 1992
MX5 the week before Christmas. Had to do something as the originals were
deteriorating rapidly and were way past their use by date as the car had
done 160,000km. Total cost including installation and a full alignment was
$1245.00 incl GST.
Having now done more than 3000km since Christmas I am very pleased with the
results with them set about 1/4 turn above the softest setting. The ride is
much more comfortable and quieter with the handling considerably improved.
Less body roll and very little nose dive etc under braking. It's a much more
enjoyable drive through the hills between Blenheim and Nelson, and the Queen
Charlotte Drive is great fun at night! Too many tourists otherwise at this
time of year.
My wife who usually drives as she suffers from car sickness now can drive
much quicker with no ill effects. On a trip from Ashburton back to Blenheim
last weekend, she had no problem with me driving through the windy bits
somewhat faster than I can normally go and no sickness! I am no racing
driver and am sure the MX5 is now capable of cornering safely at much higher
speeds than I have the nerve to try!
It seemed a lot extra to pay for the Konis compared to basic ones but from
what others have said and the results, I think it was well worth the extra.

Red 2006 NC Tiptronic


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