Organising Events (was Re: Still need cars for show)

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Black is the new black.
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Organising Events (was Re: Still need cars for show)

Post by zorruno » Sat May 03, 2003 4:38 pm

Hi Glenn, there are are only 100 or so people subscribed to this NZ list,
and not all of them are NZ club members.

If you'd like to run this more as an organised club event (this goes for
other members listening too obviously), rather than an informal gathering,
contact me off list, and I can send an announcement to all the members
subscribed to the club announcement list (over 350) which may get a few more

Also, people tend to respond better if they get something in their
letterboxes (yes - snail mail still works) so if you want to put a quick 1
page flyer together, we can get it to all BOP members, or further afield.

Events can be organised by any club member (and every member should try to
organise at least one!), but we prefer if they mention it to their local
group coordinator first, in case something else is planned for that day (or
another trip to the same event!). The local coordinator for BOP is Shirley
Spooner, ph number in Top Down, or email

Finally, if you want to, events can be listed in the club database, which
will show up on the website, and get them listed in Top Down magazine.


zorruno Fox
Vice President & E-Administrator
Mazda MX5 Club of New Zealand inc


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